Jungle Combo Bounce House


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Our Jungle combo bounce house with a slide and basketball hoop inside. 13 by 13 bounce area. 13 by 17 ft needed. 1 Outlet. $200 per day.

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re planning to do something special for your kid’s birthday party. Maybe you want to give him or her a party like you’ve never had before.  You’re going through all your options, and you come up with the idea of having a bounce house!  But you check the prices to own one, and it’s ASTRONOMICAL.  You don’t know anyone who owns one, and the few rental places you COULD find charge fees that don’t fit your budget.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, as Pete and Chris Amusements can solve this dillema FOR you!

The Pete & Chris Amusements Bounce House is here!!!

13′ x 13′ jump area with a slide and basketball hoop!!!! Great for kids OR adults!

Great for outdoor (all surfaces) and indoor parties or events! Requires an electrical source.

Pete and Chris Amusements does not charge per hour… our fee is for the ENTIRE day! WE set it up, and WE break it down ONLY after you’re finished having fun!

Call 203-808-1767, or send an e-mail to peteandchrisamusements@gmail.com  for quotes or questions. Book up soon!!! Dates tend to fill up fast!


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