Alien Escape Pod – An OUT OF THIS WORLD Bouncer! – UFO Inflatable Ride


Product Description

UFO inflatable ride. Rocks and tips over…on purpose! 15 by 15 space required. 2 Outlets on two circuits required. $335 per day!

Get Ready for an Out of This World Adventure with The Alien Escape Pod – The Ultimate Bouncer Experience!

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling activity for your next event? Look no further than The Alien Escape Pod from Pete and Chris Amusements. This one-of-a-kind inflatable ride rocks and tips over on purpose, providing a truly out of this world experience for kids.

The Alien Escape Pod is perfect for birthday parties, festivals, and other events. Measuring 15 by 15 feet, it requires 2 power outlets on separate circuits to operate, but the fun is well worth it. Your guests will love climbing into the inflatable pod and feeling like they’ve been transported to another planet.

Pete and Chris Amusements is a family-owned company that is dedicated to providing top-quality amusement experiences. They are the only company in the Northeast US that offers The Alien Escape Pod, so you’ll be sure to have a unique and unforgettable activity at your event.

For just $335 per day, you can give your guests a chance to escape to another world and enjoy some out of this world fun. Book your Alien Escape Pod today and experience the ultimate bouncer experience. Contact Pete and Chris Amusements to learn more.



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