About us

Everybody!  Thank you for your great support!  What started as the subject of a drunken conversation between two brothers sick of the typical work experience, and wanting to do something fun instead, has now become a real and growing business.



Well, Pete and I have quite a bit of experience in the entertainment side of things.  For nearly 15 years, we've participated in a number of different aspects and forms of the performing arts, including acting, singing, directing and producing.  In addition to that, we worked for a number of years at various amusement parks.  To say we understand fun and entertainment would be an understatement.  So doing something like this which involves aspects of performance and behind-the-scenes know-how was a natural fit.

In addition to that, we just plain enjoy it!  The smiles on the kids' (and parents) faces is something to behold.  I know it sounds cheezy and cliche, but its true.  When you do something that makes someone else have a fun time, it really is worth it.


So, yeah, that's why we do what we do.  Sure, it's often tiring work, sometimes involving multiple days in a row of set up and break down, but it's all worth it.


That being said, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to what the next year will bring to Pete & Chris Amusements.



Chris Paliulis, Co-Founder of Pete & Chris Amusements


An introduction to Presto Pete and Incredulous Chris!

Presto Pete

The main magician of the two, he is constantly positive and strong headed, much to the chagrin of Incredulous Chris. Always sees the positive side of things. He is also the goofball of the two.

Incredulous Chris

Very keen on pointing out the negatives, Incredulous always tries to foil or disprove Presto Pete, but always gets his just desserts.

About Pete and Chris Amusements (A Brief Resume)

Who We Are…  
We are Pete and Chris Amusements, New England’s ONLY 2-Man Kid’s Comedy Magic Show! We give an ULTRA high-energy performance that capture’s kid’s attention, and doesn’t let go!  We would love to bring our unique blend of kids comedy and magic to your guests!  We’ve been doing shows regularly for the New York Public Library system and their 92 branches since summer of 2015.  We’ve done shows themed to superheroes, Halloween, other holidays, and even magic lessons and magic from around the world.  We’d like to do the same for you!  And, of course, it’s ALL family friendly!

Where We’ve Performed…  
We have headlined several Kidsfests in CT, performed at resorts, theaters, festivals, and the like all throughout the US! We have been regular entertainers for the town of  Naugatuck and Harwinton, CT, New York Public Library system, and the Lodges at Cresthaven in Lake George, New York.

Kid’s Comedy Slapstick Magic Show
What Our Magic Show Involves… 
We have headlined several Kidsfests in CT, performed at resorts, theaters, festivals, and the like As mentioned before, we perform a frenetic 2-Man kids comedy show that will basically have us, Presto Pete and Incredulous Chris, perform as, more or less, human cartoon characters.  We take a lot of inspiration from the slapstick comics of the past, like the Three Stooges and Charlie Chaplin. Add in the fun magic and the copious amounts of audience participation, and you have a show that does the impossible… keep most kids interested for the whole show! 

Equipment? We need next to NO extra equipment.  We carry pretty much everything that we need for a great show.  Just an accessible power outlet, if our sound equipment is necessary.  Some specialty shows (like some Halloween and Christmas shows) may use animatronics and therefore will absolutely need power.

Entertainment and Business Accomplishments:
● Been in business since 2011… THAT’S 11 YEARS!!!
● Became Regular Kid’s Entertainers for the Naugatuck CT Parks and Rec and Great Wolf Lodge.
● Most requested kid’s entertainment for the New York Public Library system.
● Only Two-Man Kid’s Magic Slapstick Comedy Show in the Northeast.
● Used this to become one of the fastest growing CT children’s entertainment companies.
● Doubled own company’s income over the course of 2 years.
● We are fully insured entertainers! Insurance provided by Traveller’s.
● Brought The Beat-Up Fedora Back in Fashion!

Notable Gigs:
● Entertained at the Lodges at Cresthaven, the top resort in Lake George, NY.
● Entertained for Rye Playland during the Summer of 2016.
● First theater show, the Ginormous Holiday SHEBANG, drew a near full house at New Milford TheatreWorks; we have two upcoming shows for them in the works.
● Major kid’s act for 2 Saratoga First Night celebrations, Saratoga Springs, NY.
● Performed at Oswego Harbor Fest (NY), Carbon County Fair (PA), Strolling of the Heiffers (VT), Cummington Fair (MA) and many others.

 Headlined Shows For:
● Big Y Kids Fest at the Connecticut Convention Center
● WEBE 108 Kid’s Fest 2014.
● Main Stage at the Kidology Kid’s Fest.
● While not strictly a headline act, CT Latino Expo had us represent them on WFSB TV Channel 3!
● Best Attended Show at Danbury Kid’s Fest at the Danbury Sports Dome.
● Entertained and collected donations for CCS Children’s Community School for 3 years.