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Pete and Chris at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show! Feb. 24-26, 2023

Well howdy y’all, welcome to our hootenanny of a interwebsite page where we’re gonna tell y’all about our time running games and puttin’ on a magic show at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show!

Tacklebox Pete and Shotgun Chris came to town and showed off their Redneck Magic Show at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show from Friday February 24th to Sunday February 26th. Let me tell ya, them kids went plum crazy for our antics! Shotgun was a-hootin’ and hollerin’ while he pretended to shoot everything in sight with his pop gun. And Tacklebox, he was a tryin’ to scare Shotgun with a gigantic rubber chicken, and boy, did it work! We was havin’ a grand ol’ time playin’ pranks on each other and makin’ the crowd laugh ’til their bellies hurt.

But that ain’t all we did at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show, no sir! We also had the whole kids’ section with 11 fun and games for all the youngins. There weren’t no prizes, just good ol’ fashioned fun! Parents was gettin’ in on the fun too, joinin’ their kids for a good time or just sittin’ on the benches watchin’ their little ones have a blast.

And let me tell ya, we made balloon animals too! If y’all gave us a tip, we made a custom balloon animal right then and there for your kiddos. And boy, did we see some happy faces when they got their very own personalized balloon creation.

But here’s the best part, y’all. We made some mighty fine connections with all them parents interested in our home party services. We got some good feedback and the promoter even booked us already for next year’s show!

So y’all come back now, ya hear? We’re already gettin’ excited ’bout next year’s show and we hope to see all y’all there for some more Redneck Magic and good ol’ fashioned fun and games!

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