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Halloween Hijinks Demo Video!

Dr. Presto and Dr. Incredulous Present Halloween Hijinks!

Get ready for a spellbinding and hilarious adventure as Dr. Presto and Dr. Incredulous present their latest comedy magic show “Halloween Hijinks!” Join the dynamic duo as they venture into a mysterious haunted cemetery that has appeared in the library. With a cast of wacky monsters and ghostly apparitions, expect a wild ride full of spooky thrills and plenty of slapstick humor. Don’t be afraid of the dark, as you laugh and gasp with excitement at every turn. It’s the perfect Halloween treat for kids of all ages! So, grab your broomsticks and get ready to experience Halloween like never before with Dr. Presto and Dr. Incredulous’ Halloween Hijinks!

Things will get spooky and all together “ooky” as Dr. Presto and Dr. Incredulous once again deal with the creepy (but not too creepy) aspects of halloween! This time, they and their audience explore a haunted cemetery that mysteriously appeared in this library! There’s a good chance that they’ll meet all sorts of crazy moving monsters and… g-g-g-GHOSTS!!

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