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Presto Pete’s Magic Trick of the Day – The Phone In Bottle Trick!

“Hello? HELLO???”

Presto Pete confounds Incredulous Chris with their favorite magic show opener!

Here is the first of our more modern tricks… and as such, I can’t really find too much on the history and strangely, NO MENTION AT ALL in The Discoverie of Witchcrafte (1548). However, this trick has driven kids CRAZY since our first shows! And Chris CONSTANTLY has to buy a new phone! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

However, just so you guys can leave this post with SOME sort of new knowledge, here is the Impossible Bottle. You’ve heard of the “ship in a bottle”? Yeah, it’s that. But not ONLY ships can end up stuck in a bottle somehow. Cards, fruits, padlocks, knots and even Rubik’s Cubes can end up in bottles!

What do you think?

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